guitar repair

Photo by Perry Bean

Make your life on the workbench easier with a couple inexpensive gizmos.

Hello and welcome back to Mod Garage. In this column, we will have a deeper look at servicing a Stratocaster and some hacks from the shop to make this task much easier and faster.

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Learning how to safely use a router is the key to this easy DIY project that you can do in an afternoon, yielding a different menu of tones.

The barrier between “I'll do it myself” and “my repair person will deal with this” often seems to lie at the point where power tools get involved—specifically one: the dreaded router. Since I enjoy encouraging those so inclined to challenge themselves, I believe that the router is a tool to be respected and not feared, and that, yes, you can actually do the pickup replacement we’re discussing here yourself.

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A neck reset in progress at Martin’s Customer Repair Department.

Chris Martin taps Martin Guitar’s top tech Dave Regec for the expert edge on how to maintain your acoustic guitar—and when to take it to a pro.

For this installment of Acoustic Soundboard, I decided to recap some common but important repairs and prevention tips for your guitar. Dave Regec, Manager of Customer Repair at Martin Guitars, and the rest of Martin’s techs often need to divine the source of a guitar’s ailment before they can get to work. “Although we can hardly know the life history of every guitar, we’re still tasked with unraveling the mystery of why each guitar has encountered an issue,” he says. “It’s kind of a ‘whodunit’ mystery that my team needs to solve.” Here are Dave’s thoughts on the most common issues.

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