Maricela "MJ" Juarez Interview (Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Manager)

It's all in the hands—the pickup-making icon has helped shape music history over the last 40 years, providing pickups for EVH, Jimmy Page, George Harrison, Clapton, Frampton, Slash, Yngwie, Billy Gibbons, and countless others. She sits down with John Bohlinger to discuss her unusual start with Seymour Duncan, reveals who's her toughest customer, and predicts good tone in your future.

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The NAMM 2015-released signature Thornbucker pickup from John Suhr.

Why are these pickups so popular? And why does their sound vary so much from unit to unit?

For as long as I can remember, I've tinkered with the pickups in my guitars, be it a simple adjustments or swapping them out for aftermarket models. While working with John Suhr on some new custom pickups, I found myself drawing from many years of experience as we narrowed down my ideal specs. This month I'll share my thoughts on winds, magnets, covers, and other factors that make a great-sounding pickup, with a focus on vintage PAF-style humbuckers.

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