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Lundgren Pickups Introduces the Heaven 77

Their newest humbucker is an eruptive, rebuilt PAF designed to achieve that famous "Brown" sound.

Jönköping, Sweden (May 5, 2017) -- After many years of success with the PAF Heaven 57 and Heaven 67 Lundgren now release the Heaven 77.

The Swedish company founded in 1990 building handmade pickups of premium quality used by Guitar brands as IBANEZ, Hagstrom, Strandberg and artists Like Grammy winners Ghost, Meshuggah, Scott Gorham, Tosin Abasi and others has put two years of research and development in this new model of a old sought after recipe. Owner and maker Johan Lundgren says Heaven 77® gives you a bright, open, focused "stringy" sound with a beefed up PAF tone. Edgy and hotter and opens up a new dimension. . The tone is clear, articulate and full of attack. Available in open black, Zebra or rusty nickel pole screws this full-size humbucking pickup is available in either bridge or neck model or a full calibrated set.


  • 1977. Sex Pistols and Van Halen recording their debut albums.
  • Hand built in Sweden, Scandinavia.
  • Eruptive, Vicious Heritage.
  • Famous Brown sound
  • AlNiCo 4 magnet with custom dimensions
  • Butyrate plastic bobbins, Plain enamel wire, Wooden spacers
  • Vintage two lead or 4-conductor cable.
  • Extremely dynamic and responsive to pick attack.
  • Wax potted
  • DC resistance Bridge 8,77K Ohm. DC resistance Neck 7,77K Ohm.
  • Standard black, also available in zebra. Or with rusty pole screws.

Heaven 77 is $ 159 Each.
Also sold as sets for $ 299.

Watch the company's video demo:

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