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Taylor Grand Theater Urban Ash Demo - PG Gear Spotlight

Taylor Grand Theater Urban Ash Demo - PG Gear Spotlight

Taylor Guitars master builder Andy Powers shows off a portable yet potent new 24 1/8”-scale flattop with eco-friendly woods and new C-Class bracing.

Taylor GT Acoustic Guitar

Meet the Seriously Fun Taylor GT Acoustic Guitar
Designed with a reduced scale for portability and comfort, the all-new Taylor GT embodies the spirit of spontaneous musical creativity that drives artists and guitar-builders alike. The GT (Grand Theater) is a new acoustic guitar body shape constructed with a scale length that falls between the smaller GS Mini and the full-size Grand Concert, sitting in the sweet spot where playability, bold acoustic tone and great value meet.

Made with all-solid tonewoods, the Taylor GT sings with a rich voice boosted by a new interior architecture called C-Class bracing, which adapts the tone-enhancing benefits of Taylor's V-Class bracing to a smaller guitar. In the GT, this new bracing specifically emphasizes the bass range, coaxing out a warmer, more powerful low end that complements the guitar's crisp trebles and punchy midrange. Its smaller size makes for an incredibly welcoming feel whether it's your first guitar or your tenth. The reduced scale length helps lower the GT's string tension so that notes and chords are easier to hold, offering an accessible feel no matter your level of skill.