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ThroBak Introduces Colin Cripps Signature Strings

ThroBak Introduces Colin Cripps Signature Strings

The strings are wound to Colin Cripps’ own specs and include an unwound 3rd string.

Grand Rapids, MI (March 18, 2016) -- Introducing Colin Cripps Signature Custom Medium electric guitar strings from ThroBak. Nickel wound with a hex core, these strings are wound to Colin Cripps’ own specs. and include an unwound .020 G string. A great choice for players with an aggressive attack, the Nickel wound, hex core combination provides a powerful signal to the pickup. Made in U.S.A. using only the finest U.S.A. wire. Custom Medium gauge 11-54 (.011, . 017, .020, .034, .044, .054).

Respected guitarist, singer songwriter and producer, Colin Cripps currently plays guitar for Blue Rodeo and the Jim Cuddy Band. Cripps has recorded with Bryan Adams, Sarah McLachlan and Kathleen Edwards among others. Currently on tour with Blue Rodeo, Cripps says of his new signature set, “I’ve spent over 20 years putting this string set together. No company has ever offered this until now. In everything they do, ThroBak, simply put, gets it right!! You will too.”

Cripps finds that the heavier gauge strings “sits” better for tuning and intonation, especially on vintage style guitars. Tonally, heavier strings will sound thicker and have a more pronounced midrange with a tighter, richer attack. They are also great for playing slide. ThroBak strings are custom made by a small two man machine shop with a 45+ year history of making precision string winding machines and custom guitar strings. Enjoy the longevity and tuning stability from a premium guitar string when you choose ThroBak guitar strings.

Colin Cripps Signature ThroBak Strings are available direct at for $8.25 a set, $22.28 for a 3-pack and $39.60 for a 6-pack. Free shipping worldwide.

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