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ToadWorks Releases True-Bypass Switching Pedals

ToadWorks USA releases a new line of switching products under a new brand name: True-Bypass

Single Loop
Spokane, WA (February 14, 2011) -- ToadWorks USA announces the release of a new line of switching products under the True-Bypass brand. True-Bypass products feature true-bypass switching, DC-blocking and 9V operation.

The initial switching product offerings will include:
Single Loop – used to isolate FET-switched effects
Dual Loop A/B – switch between two distinct effect loops
Dual Loop A/B/Y – select or combine two distinct loops
Triple Loop – switch between three distinct loops

True-Bypass switching products are designed for flexible signal routing and switching as well as amplifier and guitar switching. Multi-loop products can be customized with defeatable buffers, phase-inversion and stereo options.

Single Loop: MSRP $130.00
Double Loop A/B: MSRP $200.00
Double Loop A/B/Y: MSRP $240.00
Triple Loop: MSRP $250.00

For more info, visit ToadWorksUSA