Traveler Guitars Expands Bass Offerings

Redlands, CA (July 29, 2013) -- Bass players face two physical challenges when it comes to practicing. One: bass guitars are big – try thumping out a line or two while relaxing on the couch and you're liable to swat your loved one in the face with the headstock.  Two: Without amplification, bass guitars are almost impossible to hear.  These restrictions make it difficult for bass players to keep up their chops at home, let alone while on the road, or even on lunch break. To answer these challenges, Traveler Guitar introduced the TB-4P Bass, and this month they’re expanding the selection by adding the TB-4P Red with Pearloid pickguard featuring the MM-101 Pickup by Duncan Designed.

The Traveler Guitar TB-4P Bass is a 32”-scale electric travel bass with a built-in headphone amplifier and 1/8” aux-in jack for jamming with your mp3 player. Weighing just 6 lbs. 8 oz. and measuring 35 1/4” long, the TB-4P fits in airline overhead compartments and is the most portable full-featured travel bass on the market. The TB-4P's Eastern American Hard Maple neck with Rosewood fret board is bolted onto an Alder body fitted with a Duncan Designed MM-101 pickup – the combination produces a formidable but well-defined thump. Because bass players demand style as well as substance, the TB-4P is molded in a classic double cutaway shape and sports a stylish three-ply pick guard; white on the black model, and tortoise shell on the sunburst edition. Both come with a deluxe gig bag.

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