A uniquely-shaped tremolo arm that enhances your playing options.

San Diego, CA (September 14, 2015) -- While there have been many changes and improvements with tremolo bridge systems over the years, the tremolo arm itself has remained largely unchanged, until now.

The patent pending Palm-O-Low is a contoured tremolo arm that rests under your hand, allowing you to add vibrato, even while you continue to strum, pluck, and finger pick. Its unique shape provides new ways of grabbing and holding it, enhancing your playing options.

$45 street

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The PGV expands the capabilities of traditional vocoders by analysis of the guitar signal that controls the voice synthesis.

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Matt Bellamy designs his own signature Manson Guitar Works instruments and took ownership of the company when Hugh Manson retired in 2019.

Photo by Debi Del Grande

Muse returns to self-producing on Will of the People, an album teeming with formidable anthems that navigate themes of fear, politics, dystopia, compliance, corruption, and other topics concerning the world order.

Decked out in black ninja-like uniforms with mosaic mirrored masks obscuring their faces, Muse opens their current shows with the powerful, sing-along chant of “Will of the People,” the anthemic title track off their latest album. From that song’s infectious shuffle until the very end of the concert’s encore, people are jumping out of their seats, and appear to be completely mesmerized.

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Nicole Atkins and PG editors share favorite memories from the last concert they attended. Plus, current obsessions!

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