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Two-Rock Amplification Introduces the Cardiff

Two-Rock Amplification Introduces the Cardiff

A 15-watt EL84 amp with less compression, fuller/fatter midrange and stout low end.

Pittsburgh, PA (March 23, 2016) -- Two-Rock has introduced its newest amplifier, Cardiff, a 15-watt EL84 amp with less compression, fuller/fatter midrange and stout low end.

Two-Rock, a boutique instrument brand of Premier Builders Guild (PBG), designs and manufactures amplifiers of high sonic clarity that let players feel, control and shape their tone.

Cardiff brings a new platform to the Two-Rock product lineup – the perfect marriage of British heritage and Two-Rock performance engineering and delivers chime, grind and girth without compromise. “While some of our favorite British amps have great tone, they’re often too compressed for live performance and lack the stout bass response that makes for a great playing experience,” says Two-Rock designer Eric Roach. “We feel we’ve delivered those missing elements into a unique new package.”

The front panel of the Cardiff features a single input jack, bass, treble and volume control. A Contour Control provides an active band sweep for maintaining preamp tone control settings. This allows for global adjustment to compensate for differences in room acoustics, speaker cabinets, or bright to dark guitars (PRS Humbucker to Strat, for example).

A 2-way standby switch allows easy control of Standby and Play mode. A Passive effects loop with post-volume send is offered for use with a simple reverb or delay pedal. Available as a head with a matching 1 x 12" speaker cabinet. Cardiff retails for $1,595 MAP and is currently available at Two-Rock dealers worldwide.

Jimmy Lovinggood, vice president of Sales/Marketing for Premier Builders Guild adds, “Cardiff is a great addition to our revamped Two-Rock lineup as it adds a dimension that was missing while giving our dealers a terrific product at a great price.”

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