The Finnish company's newest 6-string is made with a sheet-metal body.

Joutseno, Finland (August 14, 2015) -- Tyyster Guitars has introduced new concept to company´s HI-end line. Pelti guitar delivers both electric and acoustic sounds, bringing a touch of Robert Johnson into electric guitar tone. Ideal for slide and country players, but wide range of styles as well.

Designed appeal roots-oriented guitarists Pelti guitar features a sheet metal body and a clever pickup system with a body pickup to catch resonator like sounds and metallic vibes and normal electric guitar sounds as well. Tyyster Guitar´s founder Ville Tyyster says that using stereo output option one can maximize the sonic possibilleties of electric and acoustic worlds using a two channel amp or two amps.


  • Sheet metal body
  • Maple neck, 650mm scale
  • Matched pair of Tyyster humbucking pickups and a body pickup
  • Mono and stereo output
  • Phase shift switch
  • Tyyster hard shell case

Pricing information
Street: $4,000

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
Tyyster Guitars

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