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Vein-Tap Presents the Dark Arts Tap Tempo Phaser

The phaser features 16 phase wave shapes, onboard tap tempo, and a host of control options.

Plymouth, UK (February 1, 2019) -- is delighted to announce the Dark Arts, a brand new tap tempo phaser pedal. Joining the already impressive range of effects available from, the Dark Arts offers a premium quality control set in a small, affordable, stylishly purple pedal.

The Dark Arts allows guitarists and bassists to create phase-shifting tones the world has never heard before. The pedal is the latest addition to the's Dark series of pedals, which includes the Dark Triad Overdrive, the Dark Waves Tremolo, and the Dark Times Delay.


  • Control the rate of phase with the on-board, soft touch Tap Tempo footswitch.
  • Sixteen unique wave shapes allows the player to create brand new phase sounds the world has literally never heard before.
  • The Voice control controls the ratio between Vibe and Phase mod tones, or between Phase and Dry signals.
  • Multiplier control changes the ratio of the tapped tempo, from half, full, dotted eighth, double, triple, and quadruple time.
  • Pulsing LED reflects the custom phase wave, flashing red when the effect is bypassed, and yellow when active, so the custom wave shape can be seen as well as heard.
  • Bombproof construction with soft touch, true bypass footswitching.

The Dark Arts Tap Tempo Phaser is built by hand in Devon, England, alongside all other pedals, available online, priced at £149.95.

Watch the company's video demo:

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