Ventura Valve Amplifiers Announces the VVA50 Head and VVA Speaker Cabinets

The 50-watt head is available in 6L6-GC or EL-34 power tube configurations.

Ventura, CA (October 30, 2014) -- Ventura Valve Amplifiers is a California based manufacturer of powerful, no-compromise guitar amps for discriminating musicians of all styles. We’re proud to introduce our new flagships, the VVA50 Head and VVA Speaker Cabinets.

The VVA50 is a meticulously designed 50-watt head available in 6L6-GC or EL-34 power tube configurations that provide the option of “American” or “British” voicing. Every VVA50 features an unfussy, yet supremely flexible Four Stage Preamp gain design and Mercury Magnetics transformers. The result is an amp with big, touch responsive tone that enhances the personality of individual instruments and musicians, whether the sound is shimmering clean or cranked up for fat, singing gain.

Like the VVA50, our small footprint VVA Speaker Cabinets (1x12” or 2x12”) are painstakingly built of poplar or oak, stained and lacquered with furniture grade finishes, and loaded with the speaker of your choice. In addition to the VVA50, VVA Speaker Cabs are an ideal match for any quality guitar amp.


  • Front Panel Controls: Gain 1, Gain 2, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, Master
  • Four Stage Preamp Gain (two stages are in/out switchable via footswitch or back panel)
  • Aluminum chassis
  • Output Impedance Selector (4, 8, or 16 ohms)
  • Footswitch Jack
  • Solid poplar or oak in your choice of stain, finished with satin lacquer (tolex is also available)
  • Designed and built in Ventura, CA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Purchase the VVA50 and VVA Speaker Cabinets directly from the Ventura Valve Amps online store (Retail Prices - VVA50: $1499, VVA1X12: $499, VVA2X12: $649).

For more information:
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