A raw and muscular version of a classic backwards design.

Schiedam, the Netherlands (September 28, 2016) -- Volt Electrics is a new brand of electric guitars and will debut it’s first model The Reverse at the Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin. The Reverse is a raw and muscular version of a classic backwards design from the sixties. Rethinking each and every detail, a familiar yet new guitar was created that is truly electrifying.

With a sound that must be heard and featuring beautiful custom hardware, each Reverse is skillfully crafted to order, comes with a compact sized hard-shell case and is meant to be played hard.


  • Twang of a Tele, mids of a Bird
  • Punchy sound from a bolt-on neck, that feels just like a neck-through without any heel
  • No neck dive
  • Custom made compact hard-shell case
  • Beautiful custom hardware
  • Lots of options for color, woods and pickups

€ 2895

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
Volt Electrics

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