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Vox Unveils the Starstream Type-1 Modeling Guitar

Includes 27 instrument models including electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synths and other stringed instruments.

Melville, NY (January 15, 2016) -- The company that pioneered onboard electronics introduces a fresh new approach to the modern electric guitar with the VOX Starstream Type-1. An exceptionally versatile instrument, equipped with VET (Virtual Element Technology), this new line embodies a sleek, new cutting-edge design from VOX amplification, ready to be explored by the modern guitarist.

Created to provide a wide range of sounds, with 27 instrument models including electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synths and other stringed instruments, the VOX Starstream Type-1 is the ultimate instrument for players looking for complete tonal flexibility and to redefine what the electric guitar can do. Using highly developed DSP logic and fine tuning information from the string itself, Starstream Type-1 provides authentic synth sounds that can be played naturally and without fear of glitches or missed notes.

Exclusively developed AREOS-D system uses the guitar’s traditional magnetic pickups to create the electric guitar sounds for greater realism and accuracy and the Starstream integrates several essential elements; a piezo pickup system for rich-sounding traditional and acoustic instruments; a powerful DSP engine; familiar volume, tone and pickup selector controls. The AREOS-D Control Module allows for instant access to important tone-shaping parameters.

“The unique frame construction of the Starstream Type-1, is the result of advanced ergonomic design practices and the innovative three-dimensional molded frame creates an ultra-modern look,” shared stated Brian Piccolo, US Brand Manager for VOX. “Starstream conforms to your body in a way no wooden guitar can. Its unique shape and form echo the forward thinking offered by its advanced electronics.”

“The Starstream Type-1 is an exceptionally versatile instrument, ready to be explored by the modern guitarist,” added Piccolo. “If your goal is to have the flexibility to include a wide variety of instruments to suit your music, your mood or simply to explore new sounds, we’ve put everything you’ll need right in this guitar.”

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