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Wampler Pedals Reveals Tap Tempo Faux Tape Echo

Wampler Pedals Reveals Tap Tempo Faux Tape Echo

Wampler has revamped the modulation and added road-worthy features.

Martinsville, IN (October 30, 2012) -- Wampler Pedals has released details on the upcoming Tap Tempo Faux Tape Echo pedal. Brian Wampler says that the new pedal has the same core functionality of the company's Faux Tape Echo, but explains, "We’ve taken the opportunity to go in and change a really key feature, the way the modulation works… It has always been an interesting modulation, but we wanted to give players a lot of control over that aspect of the pedal this go around, more than they had before. If I say so myself I think it sounds great and I think our users are going to love it."

In addition to revamping the modulation, Wampler added tap tempo and worked to improve reliability. He says, "We’ve got something really cool going on with the footswitches now that eliminates a huge problem that tons of companies have had, and still have, but we’ve managed to keep the true bypass switches users love too."

Wampler also told us, "It would have been a lot easier to just do a FTE with tap tempo, I wanted this to deliver on the promise of the pedal. We’ve been talking about it for long enough that I felt like it had to be something special or else it wouldn’t be living up to the hype!"

The pedal will be available in stores and online on November 23, 2012.

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