California crew offers a compact, lightweight board built with leading boutique craftsmanship.

Forestville, California (July 29, 2014) -- West Coast Pedal Board announces the Little Rock pedalboard - a compact, lightweight board built with leading boutique craftsmanship.

Measuring at 7” x 12” and weighing 3-1/2 pounds, the Little Rock has a small footprint and is extremely lightweight. The Little Rock starts at a street price of $89.99 and is available in larger dimensions as well, in both flat and wedged configurations. “I wanted to build a compact board like no other board out there”, says Spencer Henderson, founder. “The Little Rock is perfect for small gigs, acoustic rigs and bass rigs. This board satisfies the needs of players that use one to five pedals in their chain.”

The Little Rock maintains the same high level of boutique quality as West Coast’s other boards, and unlike the majority of pedalboards on the market, these boards are hand made, and built in the U.S.A using local materials. The low price makes this product accessible to all levels of players. The Little Rock is shipping immediately, and available on West Coast’s website.

Spencer Henderson founded West Coast Pedal Board, to design and manufacture the highest-quality pedalboards that tailor to all levels of musician. West Coast Pedal Board builds all of its gear by hand in Northern California, sourcing as many components and materials from the United States as possible. Boards are currently available in a Standard Line, as well as through the Custom Shop, where customers can choose from endless options and configurations.

For more information:
West Coast Pedal Board

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