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I Love Pedals 2024 - Pedal Giveaways All Month Long!

I Love Pedals 2024 - Pedal Giveaways All Month Long!

Calling all pedal lovers! You could win one of SIXTEEN pedals in this year's I Love Pedals giveaway. Come back daily for more entries, giving you dozens of chances to win! Giveaway ends March 1, 2024.

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Ibanez TS80845TH


Few pedals have carved a path through rock history like the Ibanez Tube Screamer. Over four decades, its lush overdrive has graced countless riffs, solos, and sonic landscapes. In celebration of the TS808’s 45th anniversary in 2024, Ibanez has unleashed a special, limited-edition version of this iconic pedal. This special edition boasts the same legendary circuity as the original but with a captivating Sapphire Sparkle finish. It’s a unique, highly collectible pedal that’s a must-have for any Tube Screamer enthusiast.

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I Love Pedals 2024 - Win Pedals All Month Long!