3rd Power's Dream Weaver and British Dream amps are now shipping with a new volume management feature.

Nashville, TN (November 12, 2013) -- 3RD POWER, one of the hottest amp companies on the market, has announced that Dream Weaver and British Dream amps are now shipping with HybridMASTER-PLUS personalized volume management technology. HybridMASTER-PLUS features a new Venue Selector switch that allows musicians to select the range of loudness associated with their guitar sound while retaining full sonic character and feel of their performance – clean, crunch and especially with higher gain tones and textures. With the addition of HybridMASTER-PLUS, Dream Series amps break the linkage between volume and tone operating at 38,18,7.6, and 3.6 watts and anywhere in between.

The new Dream Weaver and British Dream amps feature simple rear-panel access of the new VENUE switch to choose between Stage and Studio modes of operation. Stage mode represents full power output. Studio mode represents an 80% reduction in perceived volume level. Fine-tuning the final volume is handled by the HybridMASTER control, also located on the rear panel. Together, HybridMASTER and Venue switch combine to give complete control over the perceived volume of your guitar performance while retaining full touch-sensitivity and rich tube amp tone.

“HybridMASTER-PLUS is such a powerful tool making our Dream Series amplifiers even more versatile for today’s guitar players. There's been enormous customer demand for professional-grade guitar tone but with power requirements from low to high that are all over the map. We worked extremely hard to develop HybridMASTER-PLUS and by incorporating this new technology into our current products, we are able to bring it to musicians as fast as possible," says Jamie Scott, amp design artist and CEO for 3RD POWER.

Volume Reduction Operating Specifications:

  • Level One: Power Tube Operating Mode - Front panel Standby switch selects power tube output mode (pentode/triode)
  • Level Two: Output Section Control - Rear panel Venue switch selects Stage or Studio mode (full resolution, 80% reduction)
  • Level Three: Fine Tuning Output Level - Rear panel HybridMASTER knob rotate counter-clockwise to desired performance volume

At the flip of a switch, guitar players can personalize their volume levels to match their environment. With the Standby switch, you can quickly choose 38 or 18 watts. Add in the Venue switch, and you can quickly take the amplifier down either 7.6 or 3.6 watt output levels. Bring in the HybridMASTER knob, and now you can quickly fine-tune the volume to meet your exact needs. Personalized volume control means you no longer have to touch any knobs on either your pedals or your amp’s channel strip thus breaking the decades old linkage between the tone and the volume of your amplified guitar sound.

The Dream Weaver is a two-channel all tube guitar amplifier that features 3RD POWER’s sonic refinements of classic American and British amps; Tweed and Blonde Bassman and mid ‘60s Marshall JTM and later JCM800. The British Dream is two-channel all tube guitar amplifier inspired by the ’59 Vox AC30 and the ’68 Marshall Plexi. Both amps are available as a head or a 112 combo. The combo version features 3RD POWER’s proprietary SwitchBACK speaker chamber technology for a refined frequency response and wider sound dispersion.

Even with this new feature, pricing for each amp model will remain steady. The Dream Weaver is $2899 for the head version, $3299 for a 112 combo. The British Dream is $2499 for the head version, $2899 for a 112 combo.

There is an upgrade path available for current owners. Customers are encouraged to contact the factory directly for more information.

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
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