Two new handmade stompboxes straight out of Vancouver, Canada.


Vancouver, Canada (February 3, 2014) -- Offering top quality products, Aleks K Production uses best quality components from world famous manufacturers from Canada, USA and Japan only to carefully built and hand-wire each unit by Aleks himself. Our guitar effects pedals produce a truly unique and versatile type of a sound because they are built by musicians for musicians. Pedals from Aleks K Production are what combines great sound, unlimited capabilities and traditional top Canadian quality, all in one box.

No wonder why such famous players as Brett Kingman, Derrick Zajac, Devin Townsend, HAIM, Julien Lacharme, The Bihlman Bros., Grammy nominated, Gold and Platinum Award winning Producer and Engineer Greg Wurth and others are true fans of Aleks K Production.

Hot Ice Sweet Distortion takes on the style of “Two Pedals, One Box” providing the full range of distortion tones from hard rock, to blues and country. The ability to combine drive 1, a smooth pedal style overdrive, and drive 2, a bright amp style overdrive allows any player to find an ultimate type of sound they have always been looking for. The Hot Ice also features an effective “Juice” control allowing to dial in brighter, compressed and boosted tones, adding even more to the versatility of the pedal.

Using the same concept of two drives in one box, Honey Moon Sweet Overdrive covers a full range of tones from extra light drive, to juicy, saturated overdrive. This pedal features a switchable “Filter” control allowing to create the smoothest and the creamiest overdrive tone, one can ever find.

Boutique, all hand-wired pedals from Aleks K Production are built with huge amount of attention to all details and include:


  • Great and sweet sounding Booster/Overdrive/Distortion pedals
  • All pedals are hand built, numbered, personally signed and tested by Aleks K
  • Fantastic sound, truly versatile with unlimited capabilities
  • Work great for any music style
  • Sound great with any guitar or amp
  • 2 drive knobs featuring 2 distinct, combinable overdrives
  • Drive 1 - very smooth & sweet Overdrive
  • Drive 2 - clean, bright & sweet Overdrive
  • Very low noise even at maximum drive
  • Top quality components from world famous manufacturers only
  • All components are RoHS certified
  • Custom, heavy-duty, durable steel enclosures manufactured in Canada
  • Canada made PCB's with silver/nickel tracks
  • True Bypass switching
  • Work from a standard 9V DC negative tip adapter or a 9V battery

Pricing information:
$259 (each)

For more information:
Aleks K Production

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