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Amplified Nation Updates the Dirty Wonderland

Amplified Nation Updates the Dirty Wonderland

The company decided to push the limits of the new version with two Dirty switches, an all-tube reverb, and three different flavors of wattage.

Boston, MA (April 20, 2018) -- Amplified Nation is thrilled to re-introduce one of it’s first amps, the Dirty Wonderland. The amp was inspired from a rare, limited-edition amplifier built in 2008. Amplified Nation decided to push the limits of that amp a bit with some additional features, two "Dirty" switches: Dirty preamp and Dirty power amp. These switches give the amp fantastic attitude, and add just a little bit of hair on the notes when engaged.

This incredible amp has an open, airy sound that is uncompressed, while staying tight and bold.  It’s incredibly lush three-tube reverb was carefully tuned for a huge effect that is never overpowering. The Dirty Wonderland also makes a great pedal platform.

The new powder coated chassis was highly engineered and includes almost all of the mounting hardware cold forged right into the box, leaving almost no parts that can come loose over time.  The amp is build with high end Orange Drop coupling capacitors, F&T Electrolytic filters, custom taper pots, and a mix of current new production resistors chosen for an ultra quiet but very connected, earthy playing experience.

Dirty Wonderland highlights include:

  • Available in 22, 50, or 100 watts
  • Single clean channel powered by 6L6 tubes
  • 3-tube reverb
  • Passive effects loop
  • 4/4/8/16 ohm taps (two 8 ohm cabs = two 4 ohm outs)
  • Half power

Dirty Wonderland amps are completely custom designed and built. Prices range from $2449 to $2749.

The Dirty Wonderland is one of the four amps Amplified Nation offers in their collection. The company also offers pedals, DIY chassis and custom built speaker cabinets.

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