Meshuggah's Fredrik Thordendal, Mårten Hagström, & Dick Lövgren

Fredrik Thordendal's main guitar for this tour is an 8-string Ibanez Custom Shop "Stone Man" 27" scale guitar built on his own design (pictured, left), incorporating elements of the Fireman, Firebrand, and Explorer guitars with Flying V knob placement. It has Lundgren M8 bridge and neck pickups with a coil split. He also uses the Japanese version of his signature Ibanez M8M, which is a 29.4" scale length. He uses a foam mute after the locking nut on all of his guitars. The 8-strings are tuned a half-step down, and he experiments with string gauges to get the feel that he's looking for.

Mårten Hagström's main guitar is a stock Japanese Ibanez M8M with alder body and Lundgren M8 pickups, also tuned a half-step down with a foam mute, as well as an Ibanez M8M with a swamp ash body (pictured, middle) for the first half of the set.

Dick Lövgren's main bass is nicknamed the Devil (pictured, right). It is a custom Warwick Dolphin Pro I 5-string with Bartolini pickups, an upside-down cross inlay, and is tuned Ab, Eb, Bb, F, Bb. He also uses a Warwick Dolphin Pro II 5-string, and a stock 4-string Warwick Stryker with black hardware tuned down 1.5 steps for "Bleed."

Amps & Effects
All three players use Shure ULXD1 wireless units that come into a single receiver. All three use Fractal Audio Ax-FX Ultras for their amps and effects, programmed with tempo for each song. The units are controlled by a laptop with Cubase, which automatically cycles through the patches throughout the show.