Round 4

Boss CS-2

Alderete: I’m surprised it took me this long to get to it, but I’m picking the Boss CS-2 Compressor Sustainer.

Hischke: Yeah, that’s your bread-and-butter pedal.

Alderete: I used it in Racer X, and it came from watching Billy Sheehan play. When you’re a kid and don’t really know how pedals work, you wonder why the harmonics just pop out of his bass. I could never get those harmonics to pop on my bass rig. Part of it is because his tone was so distorted. Somebody told me it was a compressor, so I tried a bunch of different ones, and I found the CS-2 just brought everything to life. I’d hit harmonics, and it would sound like Jaco. I didn’t want to distort my sound, but I wanted giant low end, so I always use it with my fretless. It really kicks every other effect up a notch. It’s like it grabs all the best frequencies and stuffs them into the next pedal. The Sovtek sounds better. The Micro Synth sounds better. Everything I use sounds better when this is on.

Tech 21 VT Bass

Hischke: My next pick is the Tech 21 VT Bass because I don’t want to carry around a gigantic 8x10 cabinet. I can have it on the board and dial in something I like so my clean DI sound is already warmed up by the time the sound guy gets it. If you don’t really like your rented or borrowed backline, this pedal can help quite a bit. I never feel good not having it around, like that blanket that the kid in Mr. Mom carries around. It’s my wooby.