Grand Rapids, MI (December 4, 2013) -- The ThroBak Pre-T-301 reproduces the toneful vintage transition humbucker know by collectors as the “Pre-T” pat. # pickup. The Pre-T-301 reproduces this classic pickup that bridged the gap between PAF’s and T-Top’s in the mid to late 60’s.

ThroBak Pre-T-301 pickups are at once articulate and treble detailed while being lush in the low end. With an attack that can go from sweet & spanky to mean & juicy, simply by changing pick dynamics, ThroBak Pre-T-301 pickups delivers the best mid to late 60's ES-335 and SG tones to the player of today. Explore the tonally territory that became West Coast sound with the ThroBak Pre-T-301 Maximum Vintage pickup set.


  • Coils wound with vintage, Kalamazoo-era Meteor ME-301 winder
  • 42 AWG red Poly wire duplicates rarest late Pre-T specs
  • Alnico 2 and 5 short magnets custom Made in USA (long A4 option available)
  • ThroBak Maximum Vintage PAF clone Butyrate bobbins, Made in USA
  • ThroBak Maximum Vintage PAF-style baseplates, Made in USA
  • ThroBak Maximum Vintage PAF-style covers, Made in USA
  • ThroBak Maximum Vintage PAF-style vintage alloy pole screws and slugs Made in USA
  • Vintage-correct braided wire

The ThroBak PT-301 has M.A.P. (minimum advertised price) of $419.00 per pair. Available direct from ThroBak Electronics and authorized dealers.

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