Santa Cruz Ghost Oak

Santa Cruz Guitar blew our minds with the beauty *and* the amazing story behind this incredible Ghost Oak flattop. The top wood is spruce that was reclaimed from Alaskan tundra after climate-change caused it to thaw. It has been carbon-dated to 1,000 B.C., and its grain is bluish from being frozen—there's no tint in the finish. Meanwhile the oak back and sides were reclaimed from a Czech Republic sand mine and were carbon-dated as being 8,000 years old. Whoa!

Hahn 112

Hahn Guitars unveiled its first new guitar design in 10 years. The hand-built 112 is luthier Chihoe Hahn's imagined middle ground between a Tele and a Strat. It features an ashtray bridge, T-style bridge and S-style neck pickup (both by Lollar), and arm bevel and belly carve, and is available in single- or dual-pickup versions. The sub-$2k street price is well under Hahn's usual prices.

Sauvage Guitars One-Piece Master

The simultaneously elegant and jaw-dropping Sauvage Guitars One-Piece Master is exactly what it says—a stunningly luxurious one-off 6-string whose entire body, neck, and headstock are carved from a single slab of ash olive burl. Its fretboard is of flamed maple, its nut is of fossilized woolly mammoth tusk, its bridge is of the finest Damascus steel, and the pickups are topped with aircraft-grade aluminum fashioned to resemble a fine vintage automobile's rear windows.

PureSalem Pedals

PureSalem Guitars came to Anaheim with three gnarly-as-cuss, limited-edition fuzzes designed in conjunction with 323 Effects. The Attack Captain (left) includes a gate knob and has a bit of a Fuzzrite vibe, the Pink Beard (middle) has a starve knob and 3-position diode switch that may just make it the most versatile of the bunch, and the Honey Bunny serves up Muff-ish vibes. Only 25 will be made, but the company anticipates releasing another series of limited-edition fuzzes after that.