Extended-life strings—especially in the coated category—remain a hot debate. Visit almost any players’ forum and you’ll find a passionate thread about the subject. Some guitarists really love them, some really don’t. The bottom line is there are a number of options like the 10 here that offer longer life, so you can spend more time working your strings—not changing them.


Everlast Phosphor Bronze
These strings use nanotechnology to repel unwanted moisture and oils that can negatively impact tone. The proprietary treatment is applied to both the inner-hex core and outer-wrap wire to provide protection without compromising tone or feel.
$16 street


Acoustic 80/20 Bronze
The 80/20 coppper/zinc ratio and ultra-thin Nanoweb coating of this set was designed to deliver bright and lively tone together with extended tone/string life. The coating provides reduced finger squeak and a smooth feel for enhanced playability.
$14 street


Heavy Series
Boasting heavy-duty reinforced construction and enhanced core-to-wrap ratios, these strings are intended for hard-playing guitarists. For extended life, the strings are “treated” with a 1-micron-thin application that’s guaranteed not to flake.

$13 street