Valve Train Amps Santa Monica

We're big fans of just about everything Valvetrain Amps has built, but the company had been relatively quiet of late. That'll change this autumn with the release of the Santa Monica (you're seeing a late-stage prototype here)--a '63 Bassman inspired howler that will be around 45 ways and in the neighborhood of $1,600 when it hits the street. Stay tuned!

Valeton Pedals

First-time ‪NAMM‬-ers Valeton brought a bunch of new miniature stomps to Nashville, including the shrunken yet very familiar-looking Loft series—nine pedals with all-analog signal paths based on classic Japanese pedals of yore. Shown here, the pink HB Flanger is based on the old HF-2 Hi-Band Flanger, the blue Analog Chorus aims for old CE-2 tones, and the root-beer-colored Octave goes for the endearingly glitchy vibe of yesteryear's OC-2.

Foxpedal's Wave and Defector Fuzz

Richland, Washington, stomp outfit Foxpedal made its NAMM debut with a diverse line of pedals that includes the Wave reverb/delay (left)—which has Echorec-, Space Echo-, and Echoplex-style modes, as well as a self-oscillation "wash" footswitch—and the Russian-style Defector fuzz. The latter has a unique pre-gain stage, as well as a footswitch that sends your signal into an instant feedback frenzy.

Gretsch Tom Petersson

Cheap Trick bassist Tom Petersson brought his most tantalizing signature 12-string bass ever to this year's Summer NAMM. The Fender Custom Shop-built anachronistic wonder doesn't come cheap with its street price of $11,999, but it looks 100-percent badass—as if it's seen decades of loving yet gentle road use. Features include Filter'Tron-style blade humbuckers, a metal armrest, and a faithfully quirky ol' belt-buckle protector around back.