Chicago, IL (June 28, 2018) -- Chicago-based boutique builder Daredevil Pedals has teamed up with legendary musician Earl Slick (David Bowie, John Lennon, etc) to release a signature fuzz/octave pedal named the Daisho, which is the Japanese word for "dual swords." It's a fitting name for this pedal which boasts an original fuzz circuit, independent octave up, and an optional noise gate. All hand wired in Chicago by owner Johnny Wator.

  • Volume - master level of pedal
  • Depth - controls amount of low end
  • Fuzz - controls fuzz level
  • Gate - rotating clockwise increases gate attack
  • Toggle - bypasses noise gate when in down position


  • Articulate and tight vintage style fuzz with wide tonal options
  • True octave up circuit acts independently from fuzz
  • Optional noise gate cuts out any background hiss from high gain use
  • 2-year warranty

The Daisho Fuzz carries a street price of $199. All Daredevil pedals are available for purchase direct online at along with video and audio demos.

For more information:
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