Nashville, TN (November 15, 2018) -- The third Gold Foil pickup to be added to the Schuyler Dean lineup is the P-90 Gold Foil. The goal with this pickup was to make a clear, fat, funky gold foil with a little bit of P-90 character at an affordable price.

The pickup is made with 44 gauge wire and ceramic magnets like vintage Teisco gold foils and includes cool, red-colored bobbins for extra mojo. Fully wax potted for reliability and available with cream, chrome, or black covers. P-90 Gold Foils come with the following standard features:

  • Hand-assembled in the USA
  • Sparkly vintage tone
  • Wax potted to prevent microphonics
  • Ideal for any style of music from rock to jazz to country
  • Lifetime manufacturers warranty

Handmade in Schuyler’s Nashville workshop, P-90 Gold Foil pickups carry the following price: $90 each.

Watch the company's video demo:

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