Charlie Hunter and Scott Amendola
Not Getting Behind is the New Getting Ahead

It’s almost unfair to call Charlie Hunter a guitarist. His musicianship far exceeds what mere mortals can do with a few strings and a hunk of wood. On his latest album, a duo project with drummer Scott Amendola, the sound created is much bigger than the sum of its parts. At first listen, you can easily mistake this for a trio or quartet record—all the parts are there. Hunter coaxes an entire soundscape out of his 7-string and between the funky bass lines, gospel-influenced comping, and vibrato-tinged melodies, it’s easy to forget that he has 10 fingers, just like the rest of us.

The whole album, done over two days in a Brooklyn studio, was recorded and mixed live straight to 1/2" tape. It’s based out of a totally old-school approach that makes you feel like you’re sitting within arm’s reach of Hunter’s buzzing amps and Amendola’s dry ride cymbal. Those already ensconced in the Hunter army know what to expect. If you aren’t already enlisted, this is the place to start. —Jason Shadrick

Must-hear track: “Those Desks Aren’t Going to Clean Themselves”