Wilmington, DE (January 11, 2013) -- Cara Hot Rod Guitars has announced their foray into pedals with the ClapTone pedal, which puts Fender's Mid-Range Boost in a stompbox. Here's what they have to say about the new product:

The heart of the Clapton Blackie Signature sound has led a sheltered life, hidden right there in the Fender parts list. The Fender Mid-Range Boost. It's available to any who seek and install it. The part costs less than $100. However... that meant you install it and it's only for use in one guitar. Plus, the control system does not allow bypass. The boost is active as soon as you plug in.

The ClapTone features:

  • Kast aluminum stomper
  • Handwired circuit, all USA-made parts
  • True bypass battery powered - even kills power to the circuit
  • LED Indicator and kool Black Strat look
  • Powered by Genuine Fender Clapton OEM part #005757000
  • 500 Hz boost of up to 25dB
  • With Fender TBX system

For more information:
Cara Guitars