Hamer Talladega

Scottsdale, AZ (January 9, 2012) -- Fender has issued a statement regarding ceasing production of Hamer guitars, which falls under the FMIC/KMC banner. This is what they had to say about the decision:

Fender Musical Instruments Corp/KMCMusicorp is suspending production of Hamer instruments to focus our efforts on other brands within the company's portfolio, and to continue to address musicians' needs by designing and building the highest quality, most sought-after instruments in the world.

At this time there are no immediate plans to manufacturer Hamer instruments. However, should the market dictate the need for Hamer instruments, it will be considered.

We will continue to service all consumer and dealer inquiries for warranty service and support for the Hamer product line. Customer Service will have full access to the list of finished goods, assemblies and parts to address customer requirements. We will support the Hamer brand, its products and related trademarks.