Anaheim, CA (January 19, 2012) -- We're only one day into NAMM and we've already seen enough new gear to make our heads spin. Of course, you can see it all in our photo gallery from the floor and watch all the video demos we've completed so far. But as always, there was gear that rose to the top of our radar, either because it was innovative, sounded incredible, or just plain had the right vibe. Here's the gear our editors dug the very most out of an impressive first day lineup.

Cort Sunset I
Cort debuted the new Sunset I this NAMM. It features semi-hollow construction, TV Jones pickups, and offset dual-block inlays.

Rick Toone Blur 8-String
Luthier Rick Toone showed this head-turning new Blur 8-string that he built for Tosin Abasi of Animals as Leaders. It features a swamp ash body, Capoble integrated capo, aluminum neck, Delrin fretboard, Bare Knuckle and Lace pickups, and Boone & Townsend Intonation Cantilever Bridge and tuners.

Budda Baby Budda
Budda unveiled the new Baby Budda lunchbox head version of the original Twinmaster combo at Winter NAMM 2012. It's an 18-watt, EL84-powered, point-to-point-wired design with a 5U4 rectifier.