Boston, MA(February 27, 2012) -- Stomp Under Foot has released their latest incarnation of the classic Big Muff circuit: the PI. The PI is designed to capture the '90s alternative sound characterized by big, open-sounding, gritty, grindy, fuzzy sustain a la Dinosaur Jr., Mudhoney, Nirvana, and Sonic Youth.

Designer Matt Pasquerella says, "I researched all the late '70s Ram's Head and early '80s Black and Red muffs and noticed many similarities. I went through all the versions and came up with one I felt had the best of them all. The result is the PI."

Pasquerella modified the PI to give it some low end that can sometimes get lost on those versions for a nicer feel especially in the lower notes. Chords have that classic wall of gritty fuzz and the leads have a certain full, smooth grind to them. The PI is priced at $160 street plus shipping.

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