(April 25, 2013) -- T-Rex Effects, the Danish effects pedal manufacturer, unveiled the newest member of its Fuel Tank power supply family, as well as the next generation of its beloved Alberta overdrive pedal at Musikmesse 2013.

Fuel Tank Goliath (Retail: $399/Street: $299)- With 7 isolated outlets and the ability to handle 9, 12 and 18 V DC pedals plus a 12 volt AC, the new Fuel Tank Goliath will power almost every pedal you own… and then some. Each of Goliath’s five standard outlets delivers a mammoth 450mA of switchable 9 or 12 volt power – which is enough to keep even the most demanding T-Rex pedals pumping out pure tone. On top of that, you get an 18 volt DC outlet (250mA) and a 12 volt AC outlet (450mA), for a wealth of ferocious T-Rex power. That’s nearly 3000 mA of simultaneous power – our mightiest power supply ever! Plus, Goliath features a 115V/230V voltage selector, making it conveniently compatible overseas for touring musicians. North America availability: June 2013

Alberta II (Retail: $369/Street: $279)– When we discovered that many guitarists were employing a pair of our muchloved Alberta overdrive pedals to get their fix on stage and in the studio - one for creamy rhythm sounds and the other for a cutting solo sound – we decided to build a single pedal that does this and more, while staying true to the sound, practicality, and size of the original. With the Alberta II, our classic overdrive sound has doubled in quantity but the sonic and physical footprints are unchanged. The user gets a three-step rocket of creamy, responsive overdrive without sacrificing pedal board real estate. We’ve given Channel 2 a slightly more open and punchy sound, for a little more pick attack and push, but with the same voice as Channel 1. Two channels of overdrive means you can get the clean sound from your amp, a nice “on-the-edge” overdrive from Channel 1, and a hard-hitting rock sound from the Channel 2. We’ve also added a Fat switch to each channel, to provide a useful low-end boost for those “Strat” moments. Flip the switch for an even thicker tone on either of Alberta II’s channels. Just like its predecessor, Alberta II can serve up much more than the blues, so don’t judge this book by its cover. With the new features, there’s now an even wider range of sounds hidden inside to get the job done for players of all genres. North America availability: July 2013

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