Comprising of the AA-100, 100-watt Acoustic Combo, the AA-40-Cube, 40-watt Acoustic Combo, the AA-Power-Cube 40, 40-watt powered extension cube and the AA Preamp Pedal.

United Kingdom (January 17, 2012) – Ashdown Engineering launches the all new Ashdown Acoustic range for 2013. Ashdown established a name for itself in the world of Acoustic Guitar amps back in the 1990’s and before that with a previous company way back in the early 80’s, when Ashdown’s main man Mark Gooday started the unplugged revolution. With over 30 years experience manufacturing Acoustic- specific amplifiers, Ashdown know what is needed to make a first-class acoustic amp.

Introducing the All New Ashdown Acoustic Range, comprising of the AA-100, 100-watt Acoustic Combo, the AA-40-Cube, 40-watt Acoustic Combo, the AA-Power-Cube 40, 40-watt powered extension cube and the AA Preamp Pedal. All amps are available made in the UK with high-end Latvian birch ply cabinets, handmade with dove-tail joints and finished with a natural gloss lacquer to ensure durability and quality of finish. Finally, acoustic amplifiers that look as good as they sound and reproduce acoustic instruments with warmth, depth and exceptional clarity.

The AA-100 features a custom made 10” Italian Sica driver, selected for its highly responsive mid-range with delicate highs, complimented by the tight low end and when combined with a high-end studio-quality tweeter, produces a stunning full range tone. The AA-100 also features a cleverly integrated, tuned top port utilizing the space available and enabling the air from within the chamber to be forced through the handle port, enhancing the low-end response, creating huge room-filling tones. The AA-40 uses a custom designed Italian Sica 8” driver.

Ashdown will also be introducing more affordable versions of the new Ashdown Acoustics in a rugged black finish made offshore. A heavy duty, black gloss, spatter finish is applied to 12mm plywood cabinets, giving a protective layer of paint for the gigging player. Using custom made AA drivers, designed to suit the dynamics of the amps with the same configuration of the AA UK made range.

The Ashdown Acoustic Cubes are portable (H:230mm, 9.5”; W:230mm, 9.5”; D:230mm, 9.6”; 7.5kgs, 3.4lbs), powerful and sonically outstanding; tuned to represent the characteristics and complexity of the acoustic guitar. Using a very simple and easy to use preamp featuring reverb in the Cube 40 as well as a very handy notch filter that helps tame unwanted frequencies and feedback.

The new Ashdown Power Cube is a 40-watt powered extension monitor that can be used in conjunction with the new Ashdown Acoustic Preamp Pedal to create a stunning and easy to transport acoustic rig, or run two in stereo, enabling outstanding personal monitoring on stage or at home.

The Ashdown Acoustic Preamp Pedal has a very simple but effective layout utilizing many of the features of the classic Ashdown Acoustic preamp. It includes a notch filter, high and low EQ rotary controls as well as the Ashdown pre-shape feature. There is also a very useful balanced DI out on the back of the pedal allowing the user to run their signal straight into the PA for ease of use and will keep any sound guy happy, no need for a DI box. A must-have for any gigging acoustic player.

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