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Ashdown Unveils the Retroglide 800

Ashdown Unveils the Retroglide 800

An 800-watt powerhouse with hi- and low-impedance instrument inputs.

Anaheim, CA (January 24, 2015) -- Ashdown has worked with a number of FUNK Masters over the past 30+ years of making bass amps. The desire to create an amplifier which meets the requirements for absolute fidelity and clarity, precision tone shaping and masses of power on tap for stunning dynamics, continues to this day.

The result is the Retroglide-800, an 800 Watts RMS funk powerhouse with hi and low impedance instrument inputs, 12-band graphic EQ @30hz to 15Khz + or -15dB, post EQ balanced DI output, mute switch with LED indicator, Output protect LED indicator just in case things get too hot under the hood, line input, effects loop and speaker output Nuetrik combi jack/speakon connector.

A hand machined 6mm alloy panel adorns the front of the Retroglide, machined to protect the sliders from being knocked in transport. Housed in an engineered mild steal lid, designed to protect the input and output knobs as well as provide steady airflow for ventilation.

Ashdown’s Mark Gooday said, “the Retroglide really takes me back to me roots as a bass player, pure simple tone at your fingertips. “Bass has to be felt to be appreciated and with the specific frequencies available on the Retroglide you can sculpt you own tone to stand out in the crowd, currently awash with powerless and toneless imitations of a Bass amp. The Retroglide does exactly what you would expect it to.”

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