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Axe-Calibur Introduces New Guitar Stand

Axe-Calibur Introduces New Guitar Stand

The new stand is crafted out of red oak and fits both acoustic and electric instruments.

New York, NY (November 2, 2020) -- Axe-Calibur is proud to announce a brand-new floor stand for electric and acoustic guitars. American-made and crafted out of solid red oak, the Axe- Calibur stand displays your guitar with authority. Lightweight and stable, it has a precise center of balance, and its custom swivel top accommodates any headstock. The tripod base keeps it sturdy and secure on any type of flooring. There’s not a square inch that is not thought out, inspected, researched, and agonized over. But it’s all worth it. The end product is a guitar stand that delivers timeless design and killer attitude, making it a beautiful addition to any studio or room.


  • Great for electric and acoustic guitars
  • Custom swivel top accommodates any headstock shape
  • Made in USA using solid Red Oak wood
  • Easy assembly

The Axe-Calibur stand is priced at $129 and is available for purchase at

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