A compact 13-watt design with a newly designed preamp that also features a bias tremolo circuit.

Chicago, IL (July 2, 2020) -- The new Cabaret 13 is the smallest Balthazar yet, a compact 13 watt combo designed for the bedroom, studio, and smaller stage. This amp features a new preamp, thicker and darker compared to the Film Noir line, capable of going from Brown/Blonde tones at lower volumes to classic British rage when cranked. The unique bias tremolo involves an original design that can go from subtle to intense, including classic “Crimson and Clover” and over-the-top “How Soon Is Now” vibes. The vintage mojo is rounded out with surf-approved spring reverb that can easily give 60’s Fenders a run for their money.

The Cabaret 13 is initially being offered as a 1x10” combo, with plans to release it as a 1x12” combo and a larger 30 watt version by the end of 2020.


  • 13 Watt all tube combo, tube rectified
  • Bias tremolo, can be turned off and on with remote foot switch
  • Tube spring reverb w/Accutronics reverb tank
  • Preamp features Volume, Treble, and Bass controls
  • 120/240V operation via switch on rear. Play your Cabaret at any cabaret in the world effortlessly!
  • Celestion 10” Alnico Gold Speaker
  • 3x 12AX7, 1x 12AT7, 2x EL84, 1x EZ81

The Cabaret 13 retails for $1999 and is available direct at Balthazar’s reverb.com store and select dealers.

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
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