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BBE Launches the Mini Boosta Grande

BBE Launches the Mini Boosta Grande

A transparent boost with 20 dB of gain.

Fullerton, CA (February 7, 2017) -- Musicians everywhere have made the Boosta Grande an essential part of their sonic arsenal. To suit today’s smaller pedal boards, BBE introduces the new Mini Boosta Grande MBG-20. The MBG-20 features an all-analog circuit that delivers the same performance of the original Boosta Grande, with a new circuit topology engineered to fit the mini chassis.

The all-analog Mini Boosta Grande is a transparent boost that doesn’t change the tonal balance of the amp, with a maximum gain of +20dB you retain the amp’s original tone.

The new Mini Boosta Grande MBG-20 offers:

  • +20dB of transparent boost
  • Single easy to use control
  • Identical performance as original Boosta Grande

The Mini Boosta Grande MBG-20 has an MSRP of $115.00 with street price of about $79.99.

For more information:
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