The new models combine classic power sections with unique octal preamp designs and BC Audio''s famous true point-to-point wiring.

San Francisco, CA (September 27, 2011) ‐‐ BC Audio has introduced two new models, Amplifier No. 9 and Amplifier No. 10. The new models combine classic power sections with unique octal preamp designs and BC Audio's famous true point‐to‐point wiring. The entire BC Audio line will be demonstrated at the LA Amp Show on October 1 & 2.

Amplifier No. 10 and 2x12 cabinet.

Amplifier No. 9 is a 45‐watt non‐Master Volume amplifier with a variable foot‐switchable Boost. The tried‐and‐true combination of a pair of KT66s and a GZ34 rectifier takes on new life with Amplifier No. 9’s three octal 6SL7 preamp tubes, giving the amp a huge sound and a unique voice.

"Amplifier No. 9 is the big brother to the award‐winning Amplifier No. 7, with more power and a built‐in Boost," says BC Audio founder Bruce Clement. "It has an intentionally simple and direct signal path, no tone stack and amazing clarity." Controls are Normal Volume, Bright Volume, Boost (footswitch included), Presence and Depth. An optional tube‐buffered effects loop features Send Level, Return Level and a True Bypass switch. Amplifier No. 9 has selectable 4, 8 or 16 ohm output impedance.

Amplifier No. 10 is a no‐holds‐barred 5- watt smoking‐hot tone monster. It features a pair of EL34s and four 6SL7s, and is BC Audio's first model with Bass, Mid, and Treble controls. Other controls are Gain, Gain Boost, Volume, Volume Boost, Presence, and Depth. Gain Boost and Volume Boost are independently foot‐switchable with the included dual footswitch. "Amplifier No. 10 is highly touch sensitive, with a thick, woody tone," says Clement. "And with a true Volume Boost as well as Gain Boost – both of which are variable at the front panel – Amplifier No. 10 gives the gigging guitar player more live performance flexibility than most channel‐switching amps."

A tube‐buffered effects loop with Send Level, Return Level and a True Bypass switch is provided on the rear panel. Amplifier No. 10 has selectable 4, 8 or 16 ohm output impedance.

Pricing: Amplifier No. 9 is $2195 ($2250 w/ Effects Loop), Amplifier No. 10 is $2295, direct from BC Audio.

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BC Audio

Equipped with noise reduction and noise gate modes, the Integrated Gate has a signal monitoring function that constantly monitors the input signal.

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