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Becos Effects Releases the CompIQ PRO Stella Compressor

Becos Effects Releases the CompIQ PRO Stella Compressor

An expanded stomp that combines compression, limiting, and a twist of harmonic distortion.

Constanta, Romania (April 8, 2019) -- Adding to the CompIQ series, BecosFX introduces the CompIQ PRO Stella Compressor pedal for guitar and bass - a highly versatile and pedal board friendly stompbox, providing compression, limiting, and a twist of available harmonic distortion. that may complement any tonal request.

Designed around the highest performance Analog Engine from THAT Corp., the CompIQ PRO Stella provides the controls typically only found only in expensive studio rack gear, while ensuring the musical response and transparency of analog circuitry processing.

The pedal offers the following features:

  • Signal dynamic variation achieved through a true RMS-level sensor coupled with a high-performance Blackmer VCA®
  • Six knobs to control compression parameters Ratio, Threshold, Attack, Release, Tone and Make-up Gain
  • Four switches provide options for Compression Knee (Soft/Hard), Side Chain Filter (Normal / Low / Deep), Timing (Manual / Auto Fast / Auto Slower), and Tilt-EQ Frequency Pivot (330Hz / 1KHz)
  • An Auto Timing circuit which responds to playing dynamics - a handy switchable option when precise adjustment of timing is not needed
  • A Dry / Wet blend knob for parallel compression
  • A Tape Saturation analog circuitry with independent Saturation and Level controls, to add harmonic distortions to Dry Line, which then can be mixed with the compressed Wet Line - a way of adding warming characteristic to instrument's voicing
  • Additional Lo / Hi-Cut filters for the tape saturation effect, which can range from tonally clean, and up to a mild and warm sounding germanium overdrive
  • 6-LED accurate compression display
  • True Bypass on/off foot switch
  • 9-volt battery operation and 9-12V DC input
  • Road-ready, durable, black-powdered aluminum enclosure

The CompIQ PRO Stella Compressor has a street price of $279.00 and can be purchased directly from the BecosFX online store at or from select retailers.

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