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Benson Amps Introduces the Monarch Combo

Benson Amps Introduces the Monarch Combo

A 15-watt combo full of British- and American-inspired tones.

Portland, OR (May 4, 2015) -- In response to customer demand, Benson Amps is proud to announce the Monarch Combo amplifier. Building on the same high-quality components and one-of-a-kind design features of the Monarch mini-stack, the Monarch combo offers up the same rich, and beloved organic sound in a smaller package.

The Monarch was conceived from the naturally curious and music-obsessed brain of Christopher Benson in May 2012. After building, testing and listening to hundreds of amp circuits, Benson crafted an amplifier with a truly distinctive look and sound. “My design goal for the Monarch amp was to make it compressed and harmonically rich, yet loud and punchy at the same the hopes that you might consider leaving your overdrive pedal at home," says Benson.

The result is a truly unique amp design built for the modern guitarist not content with mere vintage '50s and '60s amp clones. Since the Monarch’s inception, Benson Amps have been played by a wide range of respected players including Chris Funk (The Decemberists), Bennett Dean Lewis (Of Montreal), Dan Phelps (Modular) and Jessica Dobson (The Shins, Deep Sea Diver) to name a few.

The all-new Monarch Combo amp uses the same dovetailed pine cabinet design and dimensions of the Monarch mini-stack’s 1x12 cabinet—only turned sideways—leaving the desired resonant characteristics unchanged.


  • 15-watt all-tube design
  • Hand-wired onto terminal strips
  • Customizable tube, speaker and output transformer choices
  • Dovetailed pine 1x12 speaker cabinet
  • British/American voice switch
  • Premium components selected for durability and superior sound
  • No negative feedback design allows for faster, more musical transient response

All Benson Amps are hand-built in Portland, OR by kind humans. Suggested retail price is $1599.

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