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Blackbird Guitars Announces the El Capitan

Blackbird Guitars Announces the El Capitan

This wood-free instrument is constructed out of a plant fiber material called Ekoa.

San Francisco, CA (April 3, 2014) -- Blackbird, acoustic instrument manufacturer launches ‘El Capitan’ made of new, high performance Ekoa and tuned for vintage tone. Along with its little sibling, Clara ukulele, these ecological, wood-free instruments are the first made with the revolutionary construction.

From a distance El Capitan looks like a 100 year old instrument, but upon closer inspection it's actually made out of a plant fiber material Blackbird developed called Ekoa. It is a truly eco-friendly construction that offers the stability of carbon fiber only with a vintage sound, look and feel. "Blackbird has spent the better part of a decade developing small, travel-friendly, carbon-fiber instruments with world class tone," said Joe Luttwak, Blackbird's chief musical officer. "With the El Capitan guitar and Clara ukulele, musicians get what was previously unobtainable -- the experience of a premium vintage old-growth wood instrument in a lightweight, durable, and sustainable package."

From its patented hollow-neck design to its high-tech Ekoa eco-fabric and resin construction, El Capitan's every detail is engineered to generate the acoustic quality and volume of an even larger instrument.

El Capitan is a game-changing instrument, delivering unmatched performance and sustainability, while transcending our reliance of ever-diminishing old growth wood stocks. El Capitan will be available April/May 2014.

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