Boss Unveils the VE-8 Acoustic Singer

The VE-8 packs studio-quality voice and guitar processing plus real-time harmonies and looping in one compact package.

Los Angeles, CA (June 21, 2016) -- Boss (Booth 923) is demoing the VE-8 Acoustic Singer, a complete preamp and effects solution for performing singer/songwriters who play acoustic guitar. The VE-8 provides studio-quality voice and guitar processing plus real-time harmonies and looping in one compact package. Easy to transport and intuitive to use, the VE-8 supports singing guitarists with professional Boss sound wherever they play.

The VE-8 combines Boss’ leading vocal, guitar, and looping technologies in a dedicated floor pedal that runs on AC power or batteries. Designed for instant access to great quality sound in live performance situations, the VE-8 allows users to dial in rich, sophisticated audio processing with simple controls. Three built-in footswitches provide effects control while performing, and one or more optional footswitches can be connected for further control if needed.

The vocal channel in the VE-8 is loaded with options to process and refine the sound. Four types of ambience effects are included, plus an Enhance feature to add clarity and control to a vocal. Chromatic pitch correction is available as well, which automatically keeps vocals in tune with ultra-fast real-time processing. Users can also bring some modern edge to acoustic performances with hard-tuned electronic voice sounds, distortion, and radio voice tones.

With the VE-8’s Harmony section, it’s easy for singers to add natural vocal harmonies to their music. The unit detects the chords and key played on a connected guitar, and then generates the correct harmony live. Hybrid and fixed harmony modes are available too, providing versatility for different performing applications. A doubling effect is also included for adding fullness and presence to a vocal performance.

The guitar channel in the VE-8 provides a wide range of sound-shaping options and performance functions. Acoustic Resonance restores the natural guitar sound, eliminating the sterile piezo “quack” that plagues undersaddle pickups used in typical plugged-in acoustics. Reverb and chorus are on hand too, plus effects like Octave, Mod Delay, and more. Useful tools for stage performing include a built-in guitar tuner, plus a phase switch and notch filter for instantly dealing with any feedback issues.

Also included in the VE-8 is a specially designed looper with up to 80 seconds of recording time. The looper is always available via a dedicated footswitch, and the user can easily select the guitar, voice, or both as a looping source via panel buttons or an optional external footswitch.

The VE-8’s rear panel is equipped with a guitar input and XLR mic input with switchable phantom power, plus an Aux input to connect a smartphone or other device for backing music. Stereo XLR balanced outputs provide a direct feed to the house PA, while stereo 1/4-inch outputs allow the user to send a separate signal to stage monitors or an acoustic amp.

Both the vocal and guitar channels feature a three-band EQ and low-cut filter for shaping the tone to suit the venue, and it’s possible to send the two channels to separate outputs for external mixing flexibility. The VE-8 also functions as a USB audio interface, allowing users to capture live and studio performances directly to music recording software on a computer.

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