Cort Extends Range of KX Series with New 8-String Model

The 26.5-to-28-inch multi-scale fretboard aims to keep the tension even across all the strings.

Seoul, South Korea (May 14, 2019) -- Cort has broken the 7-string barrier with the introduction of the 8-string KX508MS. Featuring many of the same boutique-level materials and specs as its KX series counterpart, the KX508MS offers a new Fishman pickup and a stunning Mariana Blue Burst finish on the poplar burl top. With a series-signature double-cutaway design for easy access to the 24-fret neck, the KX508MS model is as sonically powerful as it looks.

Overall, players will find that the 26.5-to-28-inch multi-scale construction of the KX508MS produces a more defined, punchier, tighter and deeper low end. The stunning poplar burl top is perfectly complemented by the swamp ash body, producing a warm yet punchy high-midrange sound that will cut through the mix with authority.

The neck on the KX508MS is 5-piece maple inlaid with two long streaks of purpleheart. This combination provides strength and stability, with a strong and focused tone in conjunction with the body’s acoustic resonance. The Macassar ebony fingerboard produces a deep rich sound with sweet, yet cutting highs. Esthetically, ebony also complements the guitar’s black nickel hardware and the distinct “raindrop” fingerboard inlay. On the stylishly carved headstock, Cort’s locking machine heads provide excellent tuning stability and facilitate quick string changes through the single hardtail bridge.

For pickups on the KX508MS, Cort has called upon its reliable electronics partner, Fishman, for the Fluence Modern Humbucker. Designed for an 8-string guitar, this modern ceramic humbucker offers players the multi-voice soul of their favorite passives with the power and brutal aggression they’d expect from an active humbucker. The pickup has two distinct and useful sounds onboard, starting with the revolutionary Fluence Core, the heart of the Fluence tone. From the Fluence Core, Fishman creates the classic timbres and tone with colors players will expect—and some that will surprise them.

There are no hidden secrets to the controls on the KX508MS, however. Cort’s simple 1-volume, 1-tone and 3-way toggle switch controls provide a variety of great sounds and allow the player to focus on their playing.

Built for the thoroughly modern player who also appreciates time-tested designs and features, the KX508MS respects the classics while pushing new boundaries. Learn more about this guitar and other models in the KX Series by visiting

MSRP $1199.99 USD

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