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Cort Introduces the Earth50 Acoustic Guitar

Cort Introduces the Earth50 Acoustic Guitar

The guitar has a smaller body size, shortened scale, and light-gauge coated strings to help novice players.

Seoul, South Korea (December 6, 2017) -- With the introduction of the new Earth50 acoustic model, Cort Guitars reminds beginners to “play smarter, not harder” by overcoming their biggest obstacles to learning. The latest addition to Cort’s EasyPlay Collection, Earth50 has a smaller body size, shortened scale and light-gauge coated strings to help players on their journey. Earth50 is specially designed for novices, but with pro-level features and quality materials for an authentic playing experience.

To develop the EasyPlay Collection, Cort asked players to identify their most substantial barriers to learning. Their responses ranged from complex hand mechanics and painful fingertips to overall instrument size, weight and cost. Cort brought this feedback to its designers and builders, and challenged them to create a total-guitar solution. The Earth50 model addresses many of these concerns, starting with its 7/8 dreadnought body at a smaller depth than a typical acoustic. Body size is not only about comfort but also about sonic quality, and the smaller size produces a more even tone that helps new players. Compared to a traditional scale, the 24.75’’ EasyPlay scale lessens string tension while the custom action setup makes the light gauge strings easier to press. Plus, the closer frets make it easier to reach notes and play chords.

Structurally and esthetically, the Earth50 doesn’t disappoint as a beginner’s instrument. Its solid spruce top with mahogany back, sides and neck bring out the guitar’s natural, bright tone. Other professional features include the ovangkol fingerboard and open pore finish as well as the scooped bridge, brown-etched rosette, and diecast tuners.

While there are no shortcuts to success when learning the guitar, Cort’s Earth50 provides proper balance and helpful features to make the experience a bit easier. Players may have aching fingertips to earn those calluses, but with a MSRP of $299.99 (MAP $199.99), the price for a quality instrument won’t hurt their bank account nearly as much.

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