Crimsontone Releases the SE Meany, Scarlet Mini, and Moro

Crimsontone announces two new models in their mini line and a 15-watt, EL-84 powered Moro.

Mesa, AZ (June 17, 2013) -- Continuing the Mini Series of small watt guitar amps, Crimsontone offers the SE Meany and Scarlet Mini. Based on the same circuit design and features as the SE Mini, the SE Meany includes two additional preamp gain stages for more overdrive, and a newly redesigned shiftable Tone knob for increased tone shaping control. The Scarlet Mini takes the massive tone of its big brother - the Scarlet - and packs it into a single channel, featuring the same flexible Mid Sweep control and two switchable EQ Curve settings.

In the mid watt range of heads comes the Moro. Cousin to the Valencia, the Moro begins with the same chimey clean preamp design, then cascades into an additional 12AX7 preamp section for massive amounts of gain. A sleek red and silver motif make this amp stand out among the sea of traditional black tolex clad amps.

Specs for the SE Meany and Scarlet Mini:

  • Single channel Gain control with a panel-switched Gain Boost
  • 4 watts of Class A output through Mercury Magnetics transformers
  • 2 x 12AX7 preamp tubes and 1 x EL84 (SE Meany) or 6V6 (Scarlet Mini) output tube
  • Ultra compact footprint, just under 7 lbs. and less than 8” wide
  • Single High-Mid Cut Tone control with frequency Shift switch (SE Meany)
  • Mid-Sweep control with Flat and Mid-Cut EQ “Curve” settings (Scarlet Mini)
  • Switchable 8 or 16Ω speaker output jack

Specs for the Moro:

  • Single Gain control with a panel or foot-switched Gain Boost and Master Volume
  • 15 watts of Class AB output through Mercury Magnetics transformers
  • 3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes and 2 x EL84 output tubes
  • Compact footprint, just under 12 lbs. and less than 12” wide
  • Mid-Sweep control with two EQ “Curve” settings; Flat and Mid-Cut/Bass Boost
  • Pull-Shiftable “Hi-Cut” control with two selectable cut-off frequencies
  • Switchable 8 or 16Ω speaker output jack

All amps are custom built in Mesa, Arizona by hand and can be built to spec or as-is. Street price for these models are $829 for the SE Meany or Scarlet Mini and $1,359 for the Moro.

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