CruzTools Launches the GrooveTech Tech Kit for Acoustic Guitars

The kit includes screwdriver bits, a thickness gauge, ruler, and capo to measure neck relief, string winder, and more.

Sonora, CA (November 29, 2018) -- CruzTools today announced the GrooveTech Tech Kit for acoustic guitars.

Acoustic guitars are especially sensitive to temperature and environmental changes, which can result in neck relief that’s out of specification and affect one’s performance. Fortunately, most acoustic guitars have an adjustable truss rod but access can be a problem – especially through the sound hole.

The new GrooveTech Acoustic Guitar Tech Kit was developed specifically for this application. Central to the kit is a clever locking bit driver that allows quick interchange of tool bits. Two bits were designed for sound hole truss rod adjustment, with extended blades and a special profile ball-end tip to help find and seat an unseen truss rod nut. Headstock truss rod nuts are also covered with two socket bits.

The GrooveTech includes other staples such as screwdriver bits, a thickness gauge, ruler, and capo to measure neck relief, string winder, the very competent GrooveTech String Cutters, and a telescopic mirror for inspection of remote body cavities. All tools are professional quality and manufactured to precision tolerances.

Everything is neatly organized into a textile pouch, and an Easy Setup Guide takes the mystery out of truss rod adjustment.

The GrooveTech Acoustic Guitar Tech Kit is $59.95 (street), and available now.

“Acoustic guitar tech needs are sufficiently different from electrics.” stated Dan Parks, President of CruzTools. “So we started with a clean sheet design to address those needs, and are really happy with the outcome.”

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