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Damnation Audio Releases the Ugly Twin Boosted Octave Fuzz

Damnation Audio Releases the Ugly Twin Boosted Octave Fuzz

A three-in-one fuzz pedal inspired by a thick wall of amps which combines essential devices for all your loud and heavy needs.

Baltimore, MD (September 11, 2018) -- The Ugly Twin is an all-analog octave, boost, and fuzz pedal from the minds of Brad Fry and Damnation Audio. This multi-effect is as unique as its hot pink finish and it combines the many circuits that are the cornerstone of Brad’s heavy and viscous guitar tone. The Ugly Twin sounds amazing on guitar and bass and is a killer all-in-one fuzz machine for punk, rock, metal, stoner, doom, indie, blues, grunge, and many more. Named after a song off their album “Shallow,” The Ugly Twin is the fruit of over a year of experimentation and has been vigorously road tested by multiple members of the band and designer Jeff Davis himself. The Ugly Twin may be the only fuzz you ever need.

The Ugly Twin Features:

  • An all-analog design.
  • A discrete octave with a high gain “Ugly” switch for massive intermodulation distortion and gated fuzz tones.
  • A fixed-gain transistor boost with a level control to overdrive (or tame) your amp or the succeeding fuzz.
  • A hybrid silicon/germanium fuzz design with a three-band tonestack for a smooth amp-like response or a raging wall of sound (dealer’s choice).
  • A fuzz design that allows for placement anywhere in you signal chain.
  • An internal buffer on the output to prevent tone loss on long cable runs.
  • Great for guitar, bass, baritone, synths, and more!
  • Standard center negative 2.1mm 9V DC Jack

The Ugly Twin is priced at $249.00 USD and is available now at select retailers and can be purchased directly from the Damnation Audio webstore at Please visit the webstore where you can also find more details about the creation of the Ugly Twin and additional guitar and bass demos.

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