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Dean Introduces the Edge Pro Select Series Bass Guitars

Dean Introduces the Edge Pro Select Series Bass Guitars

The new models offer a bolt-on neck with dual-action truss rod to ensure stability for the 5-piece maple walnut neck.

Tampa, FL (September 23, 2020) -- Dean Guitars introduces the Edge Pro Select basses, designed to give bass players the extra advantage of a tight low end that’s second to none. Dean’s line of bass guitars are built for exceptional tone and performance, with materials that add resonance and clarity in any style of music, and custom-designed pickups that allow for unlimited options of tone. Available in 4-, 5-, and 6-string models, Dean’s Edge Pro Select basses ideally balance modern versatility with sophisticated elegance.

Like all Dean instruments, the Edge Pro Select models are designed by modern bass players for modern bass players, which is apparent in both material choice and construction. Dean’s uniquely designed Edge body is made from swamp ash with either walnut or burled poplar sides in natural satin finishes. The satin finish is the perfect choice for the smooth contours of the body. The simple aesthetic is balanced by dome black knobs and black hardware that add a finishing touch of edginess.

Edge Pro Select bass guitars offer a bolt-on neck with dual-action truss rod to ensure stability for the 5pc maple walnut neck, which offers superb note articulation. The 4- and 5- string models have a traditional 34’’ scale neck, while the 6-string beast utilizes a 35’’ scale length to balance intonation and string tension for the lowest and most unique tunings. Each model has a comfortable C-shaped neck with 24 frets and a 12’’ radius, along with a sleek ebony fretboard with stylish pearloid dot inlays. Each Edge Pro Select has a unique nut width depending on the model: 1 ½’’ (EP4), 1 7/8’’ (EP5), and a sizable 2 1/8’’ (EP6). Dean’s high-mass bass bridge is ready to take on the must furious riffs and chording, while Providing extra sustain for more subdued styles. Grover tuners on the headstock assist with precise and consistent tuning.

Electronically, Edge Pro Select bass guitars with the Walnut Satin Natural finish have the DMT (Dean Magnetic Technologies) Design Passive Soapbar pickups. These pickups are built to satisfy the most discerning of gear heads and deliver a clean low-end that cuts through the thickest mix. Dean keeps this setup simple, with low-mid-high control for the 3-band active EQ, as well as bridge and neck volume knobs. The Burled Poplar top models feature the Fishman Fluence PRF BS Pickup. One of the most diverse pickups to date, the PRF BS offers a split mode as well as a P or J mode with three voice options each. This pickup can dial in whatever tone a player could ask for.

Dean’s Edge Pro Select Series bass guitars are the ideal choice for players who seek a professionally designed instrument with versatile tone and excellent low-end attack. Dean packages up the high-end appointments at an affordable street price starting at $729.

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